Festival results our Kursk: "Children draw the Temple"

Our marathon of children's creativity proceeded from July to September, 2012. 284 works from children from general education, art and special educational institutions of our region arrived during this time to organizing committee of the Festival. On Festival conditions, any child from 7 till 17 years old could participate in it, having presented one drawing of the temple. However during the Festival the desire to draw temples was expressed also by 6-year-old kindergartens' pupils of Kursk, and some of participants were so fond of a subject of the Festival that they offered several of their drawings. As a result the works of the young participants who haven't reached 7-year age, and also additional drawings were collected in an extra festival collection. They are presented in our virtual gallery, and their authors were encouraged with gifts from the organizers.

Children's pictures of Kursk's temples and rural churches

On the 16th of July, 2012 the unique virtual exhibition which allows to admire variety of the temples of Kursk region, being worldwide, was open within the Festival. Now the termless virtual exposition is transferred to this site where it will be from now on and will allow all wishing to estimate creativity of Kursk children.

Children's pictures of Kursk's temples and rural churches

On the 10th of September, 2012 the big total exhibition of the Festival was opened on the third floor of the Europe Supercenter on Druzhby Avenue. Kursk citizens could see personally the works of the participants and be convinced of talent and the creative imagination of Kursk children. The exhibition, as well as the Festival, was urged to awaken the interest to cultural and spiritual heritage of Kursk region

Informational video of broadcasting company "Seym" (in Russian).

On the 29th of September, 2012 all the participants of the Festival, their parents and teachers gathered in the Big hall of Kursk state philharmonic hall for ceremony of solemn closing. At that day all the young artist got a gift from KurskOnline Home network — sets for art creativity were carefully enclosed in congratulatory packages together with certificates of participation and souvenirs from sponsors. And, though the content of gifts differed depending on the age of participants and the style of performance of their works (someone got water color, someone got a pastel, someone got little — water color pencils), all the children, even 6-year-old participants of the extra festival program, received the gifts.

The organizers of the Festival are going to welcome guests in Philharmonic hall

Except the Guaranteed gifts, some of the young Participants also got gifts from the sponsors of our Festival. We would like to mention that sponsors' gifts have no relation to any distribution of places. They were given at the choice of the companies' representatives as a sign of encouragement of the pleasant works. We are grateful to our sponsors for their support and interest to the Festival.

On the 1st of January, 2013 the organizers published a 12-page wall calendar with drawings of participants of the festival.

Download the PDF-version of a wall calendar

ZhEO JSC KPD named after Anatoly Fyodorovich Deriglazov

Tablet computers (7-inch):

  • Akinshin Bogdan, Uspeniya Presvyatoi Bogoroditsi Temple
  • Anokhin Maria, Uspeniya Presvyatoi Bogoroditsi Temple, Rylsk
  • Ashikhmina Anna, Znamensky cathedral in Kursk
  • Besedina Elena, Sergiyevo-Kazansky cathedral at a sunlight
  • Voronin Olga, Znamensky cathedral in equipment "batic"
  • Grechukhina Elizabeth, Domes of Nizhne Troitskaya church
  • Dedyokina Ekaterina, Rural temple
  • Karasev Alexander, Znamensky cathedral at Easter
  • Kobyakova Maria, Pokrova Svyatoi Bogoroditsi church , Chernitsyno's settlement
  • Monastyryova Anastasia, On a great holiday
  • Panchenko Anna, the Temple in sun beams
  • Razdobarina Olga, Voznesensky temple
  • Revenko Olga, Presvyatoi Troitsi temple
  • Savenko Elena, the Rainbow over the temple
  • Tolstosheeva Ekaterina, Alexey's Church, the God's person in Zolotukhino
  • Tsygankov Tatyana, Svyato Nikolsky temple, Lgov
  • Shamardina Ekaterina, Vera, Nadezhda, Lubov amd their mother Sophia temple
  • Shamova Maria, Pokrova church, Aleksandrovka, Sovetsky district

Studio of design and decor "Tabula RaSa"

Materials for repair of the room of the child for the sum of 7 000 rubles:
Krivolapova Anastasia, school No. 38
20% discount for production
Mashchenko Anastasia, Lyceum No. 21
Tatarkina Elena, school No. 56

Pet-shop "Beethoven"

Water color pencils, water color and pastel:
Bartenev Anna, school No. 38
Vorobyyova Olga, Belovsky DShI.

Advertizing studio "DOM"

DVD player with karaoke function:
Smagina Anastasia, house of children's creativity

Retail network "Vodyanoi"

The stationary filter for the water purification, three easels for drawing
Kindergarten No. 37, for active participation of children the Festival

JSC Kursk Telephone Company

Etyudniki for new creative victories

  • Anokhin Maria, middle school No. 38
  • Bartenev Anna, middle school No. 38
  • Besedina Elena, middle school No. 35 named after K.Vorobyyov
  • Vinnikova Elena, middle school No. 35 named after K.Vorobyyov
  • Vodyanikov Alexander, middle school No. 28
  • Kanishcheva Anastasia, s middle chool No. 27 named by A.A.Deyneka
  • Krivolapova Anastasia, s middle chool No. 38
  • Lifintseva Olga, Belovsky middle school
  • Razdobarina Olga, middle school No. 27 named after A.A.Deyneka
  • Tatarkina Elena, middle school No. 56