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About the Festival "Our Kursk Children draw the Temple"

In 2012 in Kursk (Russia, Kursk region) the unique on the scale and the contents an orthodox festival of children's creativity.

The initiator, the organizer and the general sponsor of the festival was the local provider KURSKTELEKOM company. Seeking to show to the whole world the beauty of temples of Kursk region and talent of our children, KURSKTELEKOM united the responsible representatives of Kursk business round this festival. Together they managed to make selection of works, to organize exhibitions on large platforms of the city and to open constantly operating virtual exhibition.

The following stage in the Festival development "our Kursk: Children draw the Temple" was a creation of this international site where you can get acquainted with all the variety of churches and cathedrals of Kursk and the region, shown by talented Kursk children.

Stages of carrying out festival

The 1st of July, 2012 — the Beginning of collecting works.

The 16th of July, 2012 — the unique virtual exhibition which allows to admire the variety of temples of Kursk region, being worldwide, is open on the site of the sponsor of the Festival.

The 10th of September, 2012 — the 20-day exhibition of works of the Festival is open in the one of the largest points of the city, the Europe supercenter.

The 29th of September, 2012 — the ceremony of solemn closing of the Festival and rewarding the participants is held in the Big Hall of Kursk State Philharmonic hall.

The 1st of January, 2013 — the release of a full-color wall calendar based on the Festival.

The 12th of February, 2013 — the Start of the International Site of the Festival in Russian and English languages.

The organizers of the festival